Apprentice Resources

Congratulations! You have chosen to take on one of the most fulfilling activities you’ll ever get to experience. While the team works on getting you voted into our membership, please take time to work through the items on this page.

If you have not already done so, please print and fill out an Application. Once we have a completed application, we will start working through the process. Someone from the Membership Committee will be in touch with you to complete the background check process. These two items must be completed before your request to join is brought to the Active members for a vote.

The work to becoming an Active voting member of K9 Search OK can be a bit daunting. We strongly suggest that you work with your mentor through out this process to ensure a smooth road ahead. This page will include links to very important documentation and training that you will need to complete prior to becoming a full Active voting member of the organization.

Note: the background check process will involve providing Personally identifiable information (PII), such as date of birth and social security number, to a member of the membership committee. While every effort will be made to protect your information, this is an unavoidable requirement.

Important Documents

We expect all Active members to be familiar with the organizations founding, it’s polices, and it’s procedures. Here you will find links to documents that provide this information. These documents make up what we commonly refer to as the Member Handbook. It is suggested that you maintain a printed copy of these documents for your reference. We will notify the Active members when these documents are updated. While we believe in open and transparent dealing with the public in regards to our organization, we do ask that you not share these documents with anyone outside the organization without first discussing it with the board of directors. A printed version of these documents can be provided for a nominal fee to offset printing costs.

(A signed copy of the following two documents will be required and will be maintained in your membership file.)

Initial Certifications and Resources

Please do not complete any of these certifications until instructed to do so by your mentor. Your mentor will make themselves available to assist when possible as your progress through these certifications. Be sure to maintain strong communication with your mentor. In addition to the online resources listed here, you will also have to complete CPR/First Aid, Crime Scene Preservation, and Blood Borne Pathogens certifications.

  1. Our General Discipline Task Book is the initial guide you will use to begin your certification journey.
  2. Register for a FEMA Student ID (
  3. Complete the following FEMA Independent Study courses. The order they are listed is the recommended order.
  4. BSoA Youth Protection/Abuse Awareness training
  5. NASAR SAR Tech III Online Exam (If taking FunSAR and the SAR Tech II Exam/Evaluation, this may be skipped. Confirm with your mentor.
  6. (Optional) (Choose “Technician”. While not required for the General Discipline, having a Technician Class Ham license will be of great benefit. This is merely one of many study options. Check with your mentor for additional resources.)

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