Broken Arrow, OK * October 6, 7, 8, 20, 21, and 22
(SAR TECH II Practicals will be held on November 11th in Hulbert, OK)

(Detailed Course Description:

IMG_9430Have you heard about this “search and rescue stuff” but don’t know what it’s about? Have you joined a search team but you’re looking for a solid footing in SAR basics? That’s what FunSAR is all about. This October, K9 Search OK will be hosting a FunSAR class with NASAR authorized instructors. This course a nationally recognized, 47-hour curriculum designed to give newcomers to search and rescue (SAR) the academic and rudimentary field (backcountry) skills, as well as practical experience to function as a novice wilderness/rural searcher.

Combining classroom and backcountry training, it is an intensive, all-weather course that includes a simulated SAR mission for those who are interested in learning more about participation in SAR.


Topics in FunSAR include:

  • Personal survival/safety
  • Search tactics
  • Choosing personal SAR equipment
  • “Clue consciousness”
  • Environmental hazards & first aid issues
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Introduction to Search Management
  • Land navigation/map & compass
  • Tracking basics
  • Philosophy of search
  • Familiarization with ropes and basic knots

FunSAR is a tested training program that has been updated to address the latest changes in the practice. The course was developed and is updated by a committee of active, volunteer and paid SAR participants from many of the most professional wilderness SAR providers, including the National Park Service and the U.S. Army National Guard. Additionally, FunSAR is listed in the (DHS) NIMS education criteria for compliance with the SAR (operator) requirements.

FunSAR’s curriculum has been tailored to prepare students to successfully challenge the NASAR™ SARTECH II™ written and practical test. SARTECH is a certification that participants have the minimum written and practical skills to function in a given search job. It was developed in much the same way as FunSAR. Organizations that have members participating in SARTECH include the National Park Service, U. S. Forest Service, Georgia Parks and Historic Sites and the U.S. Army Special Forces. The SARTECH II exam is to certify persons serving as ground search crewmembers.

All interested persons may register for this course using one of the following methods. There will be a fee assessed as noted below. These fees are paid to NASAR. The book for this course is available in the NASAR bookstore:

Fees for both FunSAR and SAR Tech II is $90.
Fees either FunSAR or SAR Tech II purchased separately is $60 each.
*These fees include the NASAR fees and instructor/facilitator fees, but do not include the book for the FunSAR course. This book is required for the course and may be purchased through the NASAR Bookstore, or through us. The cost of the book is currently $40 (sales tax and shipping included) if purchased through us.

If you would like to register for either or both the FunSAR or the SAR Tech II Practical Exam, please call or email Bradley Morris: (918) 549-8610,